Toekomstbestendig Sociaal Ondernemerschap


Within the (TBSO) project, researchers and entrepreneurs work together to help social enterprises create a good basis for further growth. Growth that contributes to both commercial and social objectives and thus to the realization of more social impact. The practical question that is central within TBSO is: How do I organize my company in such a way that I can work on both my social and commercial objectives?

Toekomstbestendig Sociaal Ondernemerschap is a RAAK-SME project that runs from 2020-2022. Windesheim Almere University of Applied Sciences is leading the project. In addition to the AUAS, partners are also Hogeschool Utrecht and Windesheim Zwolle, plus ten social enterprises (see https://kson.nl/projecten/tbso/).


Social Entrepreneurship


Nesrien Abu Ghazaleh

Claudia Cuypers

Others involved

Maarten Hogenstijn (expert panel)



Contact details

Claudia Cuypers - c.cuypers@hva.nl

Published by  Entrepreneurship 3 June 2021