Tony's Chocolonely Teaching Case


A teaching case for students about social enterprise Tony’s Chocolonely has been developed. Social entrepreneurship is a growing phenomenon on a global level and Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most famous social enterprises in the Netherlands. The case aims to inspire students to think about entrepreneurship which makes a positive impact on society. The original case was published in December 2018, and an update was published in January 2021.

In this teaching case Tony’s Chocolonely’s story is unraveled. What are the secrets behind their success? How do they work on achieving their social mission? What is the importance of a transparent value chain? How do they brand and communicate their products and story? What role does their organization culture play? The case includes questions for students and teaching notes for teachers. This case is part of the Amsterdam Entrepreneurship Cases by IXAnext, is a program that aims to stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in research and education.


Entrepreneurship Education – Social Entrepreneurship


Nesrien Abu Ghazaleh

Maarten Hogenstijn

Others involved

Merel Sluiter



Tony's Chocolonely

Professional publications

Abu Ghazaleh, N., Hogenstijn, M., & Sluiter, M. (2018, Dec 10). The story of Tony’s Chocolonely: Amsterdam entrepreneurship cases. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam. https://pure.hva.nl/ws/portalfiles/portal/5255121/Tony_s_teaching_case_final.pdf

Hogenstijn, M. (2021). The story of Tony’s Chocolonely - update December 2020. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam. https://entrepreneurshipcases.amsterdam/tonyschocolonely



Contact details

Maarten Hogenstijn - m.hogenstijn@hva.nl