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Tony's Chocolonely Teaching Case

Chocolonify entrepreneurship education

IXAnext is a program that aims to stimulate economic activity and entrepreneurship in research and education. This program is a collaboration between IXA, UvA, AMC, VU, VUmc, HvA, AMOLF and Nikhef. One of the projects of IXAnext is the development of entrepreneurial teaching cases in Amsterdam. The Social Entrepreneurship Lab is contributing to this program by developing a teaching case about a social enterprise, Tony’s Chocolonely.

Maarten Hogenstijn, Nesrien Abu Ghazaleh, and Merel Sluiter are developing a teaching case for students about social enterprise Tony’s Chocolonely.

To bring entrepreneurship education in Amsterdam to a higher level, we are developing a teaching case about Tony’s Chocolonely. Social entrepreneurship is a growing phenomenon on a global level and Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most famous social enterprises in the Netherlands. In order to inspire students to think about entrepreneurship in a way that it makes a positive impact on society we are using Tony’s Chocolonely. They are known for their delicious chocolate – we would highly recommend the caramel sea salt one- and of course their mission to make chocolate 100 % slave free. They have grown significantly over the years and today they have the biggest market share in the Dutch supermarkets.

In this teaching case we will unravel Tony’s Chocolonely’s story. What are the secrets behind their success? How do they work on their social mission? What is the importance of a transparent value chain? How do they brand and communicate their products and story? What role does their organization culture play?  All these questions will be addressed in the teaching case.


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