Creativity through game-based learning at higher education

Educational escape rooms are adequate for preparing students for jobs of the future. However, there is a need for open educational resources to support educational professionals in creating and using educational escape rooms in their teaching.

UNLOCK is an Erasmus+ Research Project

The UNLOCK goals are:

  • Understanding the competences for educational professionals to create educational escape rooms.
  • Developing an open educational resource to support educational professionals in developing educational escape rooms.

A wide range of research methodologies will be applied in UNLOCK, such as surveys, observations, and semi-structured interviews. UNLOCK runs from spring 2020 to fall 2022.

UNLOCK is implemented by a European consortium consisting of Universidade de Aveiro (the project leader), FH Münster, Advancis Business Services, Bespoke ApS, Fundación General Universidad de Granada, Kaunas University of Technology, University Industry Innovation Network BV, and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The research project runs until the end of 2022


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E-mail: Ingrid Wakkee

Published by  Entrepreneurship 11 May 2022