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Nowadays entrepreneurship is front and center in the media, education, and research. The meaning of the entrepreneurship and the scope it pertains can be multiple. Sometimes it is used in describing the activity of starting your own (innovative) venture and at other times it relates to running a small or medium-sized enterprise. The term also gets used in the case of freelancers and their business activities or on the side with the process of innovating or improving unrelated to an organizational context.

Depending on the (implicit) meaning that is being given to entrepreneurship it is being seen as a solution for all kinds of (societal) issues and dilemmas; a source of employment opportunities and innovation, a substitute for the retracting government and even as the provider of a golden bullet for complex problems such as climate change, refugee flows or safety issues.

The program of entrepreneurship has set the goal for themselves to develop a realistic and nuanced image of entrepreneurship by doing research on all levels of analysis and shedding on both positive as negative aspects of entrepreneurship.

We seek to accomplish this by conducting practice-oriented research on the topic of entrepreneurship and translate the insights to different forms entrepreneurship education that is being offered by the faculties independently or in cooperation with each other. And finally, develop and implement new intervention models, and instruments that support the entrepreneurial activities of both internal and external stakeholders.

Below you will find the different parts that collectively form the research program of the entrepreneurship program of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.