Based on the AUAS slogan Creating tomorrow together, we see entrepreneurship as a means of self-development, economic and social growth and as a vehicle for the social challenges and transitions facing society. Not all old traditional business models fit in with this. At the professorship entrepreneurship, we therefore see it as an important task to continue to work with education and the professional field to develop knowledge about and support new, more collaborative and circular methods and business models.

The professorship

The professorship entrepreneurship is one of the three university-wide lectorates of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Administratively housed at the Faculty of Business & Economics, but interwoven with all seven faculties of the university college, which are all equally important for the assignment of the lectorate. The professorship is responsible for the research program for entrepreneurship and the support program for student entrepreneurship, both programs are closely linked and therefore they reinforce each other, together they form the Entrepreneurship Program led by professor Ingrid Wakkee.

The program tries to convey a realistic and nuanced picture of entrepreneurship by emphasizing both the positive and negative aspects of entrepreneurship at the micro, meso and macro levels. It also strives for practice-oriented research that is relevant to both the professional field and education. Although the lectorate is not directly responsible for the development and implementation of the entrepreneurship curriculum, there is close collaboration with many educational programs within the AUAS and thus does justice to the university-wide assignment that the lectorate has been given.

Six themes

As a knowledge partner within AUAS and for organizations and entrepreneurs, the program focuses on five themes:

Economic, social and technological changes have an impact on entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in which they to operate. From the Entrepreneurship research group, research focuses on the challenges that arise from this and on new ways of working and collaboration that are necessary for this. In short, on those forms of entrepreneurship that are innovative, sustainable and inclusive.

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are an important source of inspiration in this regard. Inspired by these objectives, the program aims to jointly develop and disseminate knowledge that enables entrepreneurs to start businesses that are innovative, scalable, sustainable and inclusive. The aim is that by 2023 all entrepreneurial activities undertaken by the program, students and employees of AUAS, meet these criteria.

Partner Organisations & Coalitions

UIIN (University Industry Interaction Network)

The AUAS is a member of the UIIN (University Industry Innovation Network) community. UIIN promotes improved collaboration between universities and innovative businesses and stimulates societal and innovative growth. As a member, we are part of a worldwide network through events, an online platform and other services of the UIIN. For more information: https://uiin.org/membership

NLPO (Nederlands Lectoren Platform Ondernemerschap)

The Nederlandse Lectoren Platform Ondernemerschap (NLPO) is one of our partners that focuses on connecting entrepreneurship professorship and themes in the context of entrepreneurship in order to tackle future challenges together. They are interested in teaching students how to deal with uncertain and dynamic working environments and in strengthening the position of the professorship in Dutch science. For more information: https://lectorenplatformondernemerschap.wordpress.com/

Published by  Entrepreneurship 4 June 2021