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Smart City Academy

In the smart city lab we develop research and education on smart cities in order to gain more knowlegde on the organization of smart cities. A multi disciplinairy team works on different aspects of smart city projects, such as entrepreneurship, public private partnerships, user involvement, business cases, democracy by design and (big) data. As a partner in Amsterdam Smart City, we strengthen the smart city network in Amsterdam through new research, masterclasses, frameworks and tools.


New technologies and big data contribute to the transitions to a more sustainable and livable citiy. We believe that smart city projects can make more impact and the ecosystem can be more effective by learning form each other and developing tools and skills making the city smarter.


In Amsterdam lots of smart city projects are initiated. A large part of these projects fail to scale up. We develop knowledge about the do’s and don’ts in smart city projects to accelerate and elevate your smart city project. We try to unravel the ‘Amsterdam approach, and the key elements of making impact in the Amsterdam innovative ecosystem.



Are you searching for an internship or thesis subject on smart cities? We offer places to conduct research or make a connection with our smart city network


Are you interested in smart cities or do you have expertise on (an aspect of) smart city? We would love to connect with you and welcome you at the smart city academy.


Are you looking for a guest lecture or information on smart cities? We have lots of research material for teachers who would like to incorporate the topic in lectures, tutorials or projects. 

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 12 March 2018