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Smart City Academy

Smart City Academy develops knowledge, research and education about the do’s and don’ts of smart city projects. Our goal is to accelerate and elevate smart city projects, as we unravel the ‘Amsterdam approach’ and the key elements of making an impact in Amsterdam’s innovative ecosystem. The academy serves as a knowledge hub for Amsterdam Smart City. A vital part of our mission is to share this knowledge with the professionals today and tomorrow.

The expertise of Smart City Academy focuses on a variety of urban and transition issues such as mobility, energy, food, circular economy and construction. We develop and share this expertise based on smart partnerships, user involvement, upscaling, data collection, analysis and visualization and sustainable behavior.

Entrepreneurship and Smart City Academy

Entrepreneurship is one of the research groups taking part in the Smart City Academy. To create sustainable and smart solutions for urban challenges, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge are is very important. The researchers contribute to the development of knowledge and tools on innovation, new business models, and collaborative entrepreneurship in the smart city.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 7 January 2020