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Store Innovation Lab

Helping retailers innovate

With the growth of e-commerce and changing customer behavior, the retail landscape is changing. An abundance of technologies are entering retail. Digital displays, interactive screens, beacons, virtual reality; all promise the retailer success. How do you determine whether these technologies offer true added value? The effects of these technologies on customer behavior are largely unknown.

The Store Innovation Lab tests the effects of innovative retail technologies on consumer behavior. Researchers work together with retailers, suppliers of in-store technology, students and lecturers of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science to perform practice-based research. With the insights gained we help physical stores to remain attractive and competitive.

What we can do for you


Are you interested in in-store technologies? Do you need more insights into how to select and apply them? Together we can perform research on the effects of technology on the behavior of your customers. As such, you will get the knowledge needed to apply technology in the most efficient way.

@tech suppliers

Would you like to have your technology tested in a reallife setting? Together we can perform research to gain insights into the role of your technology in generating retail value.


The Store Innovation Lab offers motivated students the opportunity to undertake graduation research or apply for an internship placement. Allowing you to work together closely with researchers, developers of in-store technologies and retailers.


Curious about the latest insights in the retail sector? Is our knowledge relevant to your students? We have plenty of research material to incorporate in lectures, tutorials or projects. If your knowledge can contribute to our expertise, let’s get in touch!

Are you interested in cooperating or would you like to receive more information? Send us an email at sil@hva.nl.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 29 August 2018