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New entrepreneurship teaching cases: SRXP and Tony's Chocolonely


As part of the IXA valorisation program that stimulates entrepreneurship education, the city of Amsterdam has financed the development of ten teaching cases featuring successful local start-ups and/or scale-ups. These cases are developed by teacher/ researchers who are affiliated with institutions for higher education in Amsterdam that offers entrepreneurship education.

Two new cases

Two new cases have been completed: Fin Tech company SRXP (by Enno Masurel / VU) and social enterprise Tony's Chocolonely (Maarten Hogenstijn, Nesrien Abu Ghazaleh en Merel Sluiter / HvA).  The new cases will be presented on Monday 10 December, from 15.00 until 17.00, at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam: FLOOR HvA debate center, Wibautstr 3b, room 02A30. If you wish to attend please register.

About the cases

FinTech (short for Financial Technology) is a booming sector, not only for corporates but also for start-ups and scale-ups. The SRXP case deals with a young and very successful firm in FinTech: SRXP, the undisputed market leader in digitizing reporting processes in the Netherlands. Recently, in 2017, SRXP has won two prestigious prizes: the Dutch Fin Tech awards in the category Payments & Transfers and the Oranje Handelsmissie Fonds prize. In this case the emphasis is on the determinants of SRXP’s success and the pivotal role of the entrepreneur: Pieter Verbruggen.

The Tony’s Chocolonely case introduces social entrepreneurship. Whereas a lot of companies are increasingly aware of sustainability and their ‘foot prints’, social entrepreneurs take it one step further by making a positive impact on society their core mission. Tony’s Chocolonely, chocolate market leader in the Netherlands, is a social enterprise that aims to change the chocolate industry by banning slavery. What is their story? Why can they be considered to be a social enterprise? And how do they make an impact? Such questions will be addresses in the teaching case.

Previously cases

Previously launched entrepreneurship cases are Metrica Sports and Optics11.  All the cases consist of a written case and an introduction video. The cases can be used at any level, but are especially suitable for late Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses at universities (of applied sciences), and also for executive education. The new cases will soon be made available on the IXA website: http://www.ixa.nl/en/ixanext-program/entrepreneurship-education/cases.html.


Program 10 december 15.00-17.00

  • Opening and welcome by Ingrid Wakkee, Lector Entrepreneurship at the HvA
  • Demonstration SRXP case by Enno Masurel, professor Sustainable Entrepreneurship at VU Amsterdam
  • Demonstration Tony’s Chocolonely case by Maarten Hogenstijn PhD researcher Social Entrepreneurship at HvA
  • Launch new website
  • Concluding drinks and discussion how these cases can be used in your teaching programs and pick each others’ brains on which entrepreneurship topics should be covered in future cases.

 Location is Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Debatcentrum FLOOR, Wibautstr 3b, room 02A30.

Please register for this event, using the link.

Register here for the presentation of the new teaching cases

Published by  Entrepreneurship 27 November 2018