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Venturing with... CloudCuddle

The christmas special!


Lotte started CloudCuddle while she was studying mechanical engineering at the TU Delft and ever since she won a lot of prices like the TEDx Amsterdam Women Startup Award and Student Enterpreneur of the Netherlands. This adventure started when a father of a disabled son came to one of Lotteā€™s engineering classes and explained the many problems he and his family face on a daily basis. Sleeping away from home was one of his biggest issues. That is why Lotte invented CloudCuddle.


CloudCuddle junior is a safe sleeping environment for disabled children. This mobile bedtent is inflatable, very strong and comfortable.Managing a start-up next to her studies is pretty tough. That is why Lotte loves to share her knowledge on this topic with others who want to start a business.


Be there on the 20th of December!

On Thursday, December 20th, Lotte shares her story with you. During Venturing With, Lotte talks about her first steps in circular business. She will tell about the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned.

It will be an inspiring afternoon, especially for those who want to delve into sustainable design and entrepreneurship.

So, come and be there: listen, ask questions and learn from what Lotte can tell you. The event is free and takes place in the Amsterdam Venture Studios, located on the ground floor of the Wibauthuis. See you there!

Date:                     20 december
Time:                    16.00-17.30 pm (with drinks)
Location:              Amsterdam Venture Studios Amstelcampus, Wibautstraat 3b
Amsterdam Venture Studios is in the Wibauthuis, left from the main entrance.

Register here for a spot!

Published by  Entrepreneurship 20 November 2018