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Hackathon: Sustainable Travel

How can we make traveling by train the most logical option?


Do you want to contribute in thinking about reducing CO2 emissions and improving mobility with regard to sustainable train travel? Sign up for our Hackathon sustainable traveling from 14 & 15 June. Participation is completely free of charge and includes fun activities and a chance of winning awesome prizes!

A train journey quickly results in 7 times less CO2 emissions compared to an airplane. With this philosophy we want students to come up with new creative solutions and sustainable innovations that promote the train, but also improve the travel experience by train! Examples of topics are: improving preparation for your train journey, looking at the overall trip, luggage space, ticketing, price and service.

We organize these hackathons with the aim to let students/professionals from different backgrounds (including business school, product design, nursing, sports or digital media) experience what it is like to work together on innovative ideas.

For this hackathon we are looking for people who are motivated, looking forward to a new challenge and who want to be inspired by interesting guest speakers. Participation of all fun activities is completely free!

Detailed information follows after registration!

Sign up now for our Hackathon: Sustainable Travel!

Published by  Entrepreneurship 3 June 2019