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17 Mar 2022 18:50 | Entrepreneurship

Call for participants in pilot MOOC about using escape rooms in education - Do you like using games and experimenting with new practices in your classroom? Are you looking for an interactive idea to engage your students in your next lesson? Than join the pilot course!

Educational escape rooms are increasingly used in higher education. By playing educational escape rooms, students can enhance their 21st century skills (e.g., communication, collaboration, and problem solving) while engaging with content related to the module's learning objectives. Inspired by the success of commercial escape rooms, students work in groups to discover clues and solve puzzles to accomplish a unified goal (usually, it is escaping from the room). Furthermore, educational escape rooms can be physical, digital, or hybrid, making them usable in different education delivery forms.

The professorship of entrepreneurship forms part of the Erasmus+ funded project called UNLOCK. The main goal of UNLOCK is to equip educators at Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to design, set, and facilitate educational escape rooms in their learning experiences. UNLOCK has created a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on educational escape rooms. The MOOC contains nine chapters and touches upon, among others, the topics of the history of escape rooms, the application of escape rooms in education, how to design and build an educational escape room, and how to assess and reflect on the educational escape room experience. You can focus on any chapter of the MOOC independently.

Do you want to learn more about educational escape rooms?

UNLOCK is now piloting our MOOC on educational escape rooms to educators interested in learning more about integrating gamified activities into their practice. Participants who complete all chapters, in any order, a quiz, and two surveys to collect data about their experiences with the MOOC will receive a certificate of completion. And there is no knowledge about the educational escape room required to participate in the pilot.

Register before 28 March 2022

The pilot MOOC is open from Friday 1 April to Friday 29 April. Participation is asynchronous, meaning that you can log in and engage with the MOOC at any point within the pilot period. For signing up for the pilot, click here. The deadline for signing up is Monday, 28 March.

If you are not interested in following the MOOC, you can also be part of the control group. Your participation only involves completing two questionnaires.

For more information, please contact us at escaperoom@hva.nl.