Entrepreneurship research group receives European recognition

EntreComp Champion Award for innovative entrepreneurship education

11 Dec 2023 14:41 | Entrepreneurship

We are proud to announce that the AUAS may call itself an 'EntreComp Champion Organisation'. This designation recognises the efforts of the Entrepreneurship research group to renew and transform entrepreneurship education.

The EntreComp Champion Award was granted on the basis of concrete activities, including the development of study manuals in entrepreneurship based on competences, the publication of a leading section on entrepreneurship education and a successful collaboration between the professorship and teacher training.

Guide for teachers

The study manuals focus specifically on integrating the EntreComp framework into entrepreneurship education, and the guiding section acts as a guide for teachers in secondary education and mbo, with practical files on the implementation of entrepreneurship education. For this, the Entrepreneurship lectorate worked closely with the Economics teacher training programme.

More reach through award

The EntreComp Champion Award strengthens the HvA's influence on entrepreneurship policy and practice. As a Champion Organisation, we appear in the EntreComp Yearbook, on its website, and participate in international events promoting entrepreneurship education. Although the award is presented annually, membership and title of the EntreComp Community is permanent.

Bridge between two worlds

Lecturer-researcher JuanFra Alvarado Valenzuela made the application on behalf of the AUAS to the EntreComp Framework (European Commission). The framework is a tool to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of European citizens and organisations. It aims to bridge the worlds of education and work.