Towards a Framework for Regenerative Practices

5 Apr 2024 11:00 | Entrepreneurship

We are exhausting our planet both ecologically and socially. We therefore need new economic models that can turn the tide. More and more companies are developing new business models that focus on leaving the world better than it is today; we call this regenerative business. But what exactly are these "regenerative practices," what do they look like and how can you describe them? Researchers at the Center for Economic Transformation (CET) and Entrepreneurship professorship have published a framework mapping 'regenerative practices' in Holland Management Review.

Regenerative Business Models: what exactly is that?

CET researches new ways of doing business that contribute to a better world. The 'Regenerative Business Models' project consists of a collection of research activities to explore regenerative business models and their translation into education and practice. In this framework, Claudia Cuypers, Iteke van Hille, Ingrid Wakkee, Linda Drupsteen-Sint, Kasper Lange, Emiel van der Zwet developed a framework to map these 'regenerative practices'. The framework not only provides insight into sustainable business practices, it also promotes internal and external dialogue on regenerative practices.

To develop and test the framework in practice, the researchers collaborated with companies Wilder Land and Bamboo Import Europe. The framework includes ecological dimensions and social aspects.