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Lecturers Network

Exchanging knowledge, networks and expertise

The lecturers network for entrepreneurship education is a platform for teachers of all faculties at the AUAS. The main focus of the platform is to build upon the knowledge and expertise about entrepreneurship that is spread all over the AUAS and by combining the networks we can enhance the level of entrepreneurship education.


At the core of the network are the meetings we organize. During these meetings, information will be shared and we will discuss the possibilities of collaboration and necessary facilities for entrepreneurship education. Besides that we will also invite the researchers of the entrepreneurship program to discuss the latest research projects and results and explore possible collaborations.


Next, to the meetings, we use the following platforms for communication within the network.

WhatsApp-group: for communication that requires a rapid respons.

LinkedIn-group: for sharing networks, articles, and links.

Would you like to join the Lecturers Network for Entrepreneurship Education? Or would you like some more information? Contact Jeanne Martens via j.w.g.m.martens@hva.nl.

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 26 August 2020