Kristin Webb

Innovation partner and English Teacher at Faculty of Education

Kristin Webb is an English teacher trainer at the Faculty of Education at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she is an Innovation Partner, a team of educators that supports teachers to expand their teaching repertoire, especially with the use of technology.

Finally, Kristin works with members of the CAREM team on various research projects, having collaborated on Unlock, Creativity in HEIs through a game design approach and ENHANCER. Her work in these projects focuses on gamification and specifically, educational escape rooms.

She hopes to pursue doctoral research on the implementation of teacher training around technology, combining her interest in education and technology.


Entrepreneurship Education






Engels Teacher at the Faculty of Education

Contact details

Email: k.e.webb@hva.nl

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristin-webb-3181221b8/

Published by  Entrepreneurship 24 July 2023