Dr. Linda Drupsteen-Sint

Linda Drupsteen is a lecturer in Business Administration and researcher for the Research Group Entrepreneurship at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In this role, she is responsible for practice-oriented research on the impact of (sustainable and social) entrepreneurship. Her research always focuses on the combination of people and organizations.

In the past, Linda has conducted research on shaping organizations where people can work safely, where staff is sustainably employable, and on inclusive organizations that provide opportunities for individuals with fewer chances in the labor market. At the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, she particularly focuses on organizations that contribute to a more sustainable world, such as by developing regenerative business models or new models for collaborative impact. She is also responsible for the theme of 'Regenerative Businesses' within the Centre for Economic Transformation.


Inclusive and sustainable organizations and entrepreneurship


Unleash the short chain for catering (ongoing)

Reference to CET – themes

TSBO Future-Proof Entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, completed)

Open Hiring (in collaboration with Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, completed)

Regenerative Business Models


Lecturer in Business Administration (Faculty of Business and Economics)


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Published by  Entrepreneurship 8 April 2024