Dr. Richard Martina


Richard is a researcher at the Centre for Economic Transformation at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He uses design science approaches and theories from the psychology domain to study entrepreneurship topics. He seeks to develop actionable knowledge for practitioners. Richard holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Maastricht University.

Richard is currently studying the evolution of opportunities through network orchestration (CONESU), stakeholder salience and engagements in multi-sector collaborations (DoE Het Samen), and educational escape rooms (UNLOCK). He has published in among other Entrepreneurship Education, and Pedagogy, Small Business Economics, and Sustainability. He is also an ad hoc reviewer for different journals and conferences.


Entrepreneurship Education – (Collaborative) Business Models



Internship thesis supervision, AMSIB


Scientific Publications

  • Makri, A., Vlachopoulos, D., & Martina, R. A. (2021). Digital Escape Rooms as Innovative Pedagogical Tools in Education: A Systematic Literature Review. Sustainability, 13(8), 4587. http://doi:10.3390/su13084587

Professional Publications

  • Tercanli, H. (ed.), Martina, R. A. (ed.), & Ferreira Dias, M. (ed.) (2021). Educational escape rooms in practice: research, experiences, and recommendations (e-book); http://hdl.handle.net/10773/30995
  • Martina, R. A. (2019). Ondernemend leren in de slimme stad: een evaluatie van de Subsidie Stadslandbouwers en Voedselinitiatieven van gemeente Amsterdam, rapport voor gemeente Amsterdam (onder embargo)
  • Oskam, I., Lepelaar, M., de Leede, A., Martina, R., Goedkoop, D., van der Velden, N., & de Jong, M. (2019). Recurf-UP! Een nieuwe bestemming van textielafval: van biocomposiet tot designproduct. (Publicatiereeks HvA Faculteit Techniek). Amsterdam: Hogeschool van Amsterdam


  • Martina, R. A. & Webb, K. E. (2021). Collaboration in educational escape rooms in different online environments. Professional Development Workshop presented at 3E Conference 2021, online.

**Nominated for Best PDW**

  • Oskam, I. F. & Martina, R. A., (2020). The Degree-of-Engagement diagram: a tool for supporting collaborative business modelling for sustainability. Presentation at the 2020 Boundary Spanning Champions Online Forum by University-Industry Innovation Network

**Runner-Up Best Tools**

  • Göksen, S., Martina, R. A., & Sormani, E. (2020). Developing Escape Rooms for Entrepreneurship Education. Paper presented at USASBE 2020, New Orleans, USA.

Contact details

E-mail: r.a.martina@hva.nl

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/richard-martina-a61794b/

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Richard-Martina

Twitter: @ramartina

Published by  Entrepreneurship 2 March 2023