Saskia Stoker


In her PhD research, Saskia Stoker investigates how women entrepreneurs can be better embedded in the business environment. What elements go into an inclusive ecosystem? And how do we create equal opportunities? Saskia is also a lecturer-researcher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, in the Faculty of Business & Economics. Responsible for teaching subjects such as research methodology, inclusivity and related subjects. Saskia is graduation supervisor and coaches the student ambassadors diversity & inclusion working at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


Saskia is project leader of the European project "WeRin". A pioneering EU programme to increase the proportion of female entrepreneurial graduates. As women represent about 60% of higher education graduates, their under-representation among start-ups is a very clear challenge. WeRIn is a 3-year project to create an inclusive ecosystem. More information can be found on the WeRIn website (https://werinproject.eu/), LinkedIn page or Twitter account.

Saskia Stoker's PhD study, 'Embedding women entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial industries', started in December 2021 and is expected to run until September 2026. In the first of the four sub-studies, she used data from project WeRin as a springboard.


Inclusion and Entrepeneurship

Gender and Entrepreneurship


Visit Saskia's page on ResearchGate for more publications.


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Published by  Entrepreneurship 8 April 2024