Sultan Göksen-Olgun


Sultan Göksen-Olgun is a teacher trainer in Economics at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, domain education. Responsible for teaching the subjects general economics, didactics, pedagogy, entrepreneurship, and related subjects. Besides, Sultan is a PPO supervisor/mentor and coaches students in cross-curricular projects, internships, proficiency tests, and graduation.

Sultan also works as a researcher at the knowledge center of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. CAREM is an expertise center for practice-based scientific research. Here, Sultan has co-written/collaborated on the projects such as UNLOCK: Creativity in HEIs through a game design approach (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal) and IXAnext: Unlock your entrepreneurial potential (Educational Escape Rooms). In 2019-2020, Sultan won the NWO Ph.D. scholarship for teachers and, in 2020-2021, started her Ph.D. research: Entrepreneurship in secondary education.


PhD-project Entrepreneurship in secondary education


Visit Sultan's page on ResearchGate for more publications.


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Published by  Entrepreneurship 8 April 2024