Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

CMD Amsterdam: Digital Design Ethics conference on November 26

“Our digital world risks becoming a ‘plastic soup’: polluted and uncontrollable”

14 Nov 2018 12:00 | Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences’ Digital Interactive Design bachelor programme, Communication and Multimedia Design Amsterdam (CMD Amsterdam), today announced that it is organising a Digital Design Ethics conference in Amsterdam, on 26 November 2018 at the EYE Filmmuseum.

According to CMD Amsterdam’s manager, Harry Zengerink, “we seem to be living in a time where our digital world, like our oceans, is being turned into a ‘plastic soup’ that is uncontrollable and polluted. Here at CMD we educate the digital designers of the future and want to help reverse this tendency”.

Keynotes and workshops about ethics

The conference which is targeted at professional designers, creative industries and design students will feature keynotes from Amber Case (Calm Technology, Design for the Next Generation of Devices), Cennydd Bowles (Future Ethics) and Mike Monteiro (A Designer’s Code of Ethics Version 1.0 and Design is a Job). There are also two and a half hour hands-on workshops to help participants consider the ethical issues in their own work.

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Preparing students for the future

The idea for the conference grew from a long-standing commitment to engaging aspiring digital designers with the ethical issues raised by their chosen industry and career.  “As a bachelor course, our aim has always been to help our students recognise, think about and try to solve the ethical problems that they will confront in their professional lives”, said Design Ethics tutors Micky van Zeijl and Charlie Mulholland.

“The influence and importance of digital technologies on our world are increasing and we want to ensure that our students are equipped to deal with their role in partly shaping people’s lives. Design ethics modules have helped here but we believe that this conference will help us embed this commitment out into our curriculum and industry.”