Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Two Young Digital Designers Quit Facebook For a Month

Master Digital Design, Maria Soliman, Michael de Boer

1 Apr 2019 00:00 | Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

What would you do without Facebook? The social network has carved its way so deep through all aspects of our modern existence that many can’t even fathom life without it. The recent backlash of the company's handling of private data has led to the #DeleteFacebook movement. Yet, the tech giant still boasts over 2 billion active users. But Michael and Maria had other motives to quit it for a month.

You’ve probably heard of Dry January – when people give up booze following the usual excessive winter holidays. It’s a clean slate to start a new year in shape. But at the beginning of 2019, it wasn’t drinking that two of our students vowed to ban for a month. Instead, they kept away from Facebook. They went as far as deleting the app and messenger and even blocking it on their web-browser.

It’s probably something you wouldn’t expect from a generation raised on social media, and, especially, from two designers working in the digital world.

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