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AUAS & UN connect cities with the Global Goals Jam

#GlobalGoalsJam on 20-21 September

16 Sep 2019 16:30 | Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

The Digital Society School, part of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and the United Nations (UNDP) are organising the fourth edition of the Global Goals Jam on 20-21 September. During this two-day event, over 4,000 creative designers, researchers and makers in 85 cities across the globe will work towards a better world.

This international event, which is organised simultaneously across the globe, was devised by the Digital Society School (DSS) and is coordinated from the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. Input from students and companies is crucial to the event. Various teams will set to work, seeking to design realistic, actionable interventions for the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 concrete goals, knows as the SDGs, are intended to help contribute to a more sustainable world by 2030.

The Global Goals Jam in Amsterdam

The Global Goals Jam in Amsterdam will focus on the following SDGs this year:

  • E-waste (SDG#12)
  • Migration ( SDG#10, SDG#16)
  • Sustainable development of People and Planet (SDG# 1, SDG #8)
  • Water and Climate Change (SDG# #6 SDG #13)

Each team will work on addressing concrete issues suggested by the DSS’ local and international partners. These partners are also involved in the design process and will continue to work on the solutions after the event has wrapped up. They will be supported by the Global Goals Jam Kit, designed by the DSS. This tailored toolkit offers practical guidance for design assignments.

Watch this video to get an impression of the Global Goals Jam.

The Digital Society School

The Global Goals Jam (GGJ) was created by Marco van Hout and Gijs Gootjes (Digital Society School) and Boaz Paldi, Simon van Woerden and Hana Omar (UNDP). Anneke van Woerden (DSS) is responsible for its ongoing development and coordination.

The Global Goals Jam ensures that the AUAS and the UN have a strong international network of designers and makers who are all digitally connected with each other. The GGJ has helped ensure that the AUAS and many companies are aware of the SDGs. The Digital Society School also makes an important contribution to this, by offering training and workshops that provide Life Long Learners and organisations with the knowledge, skills and motivation to bring the SDGs to life.

During the first edition in 2016, a total of 17 cities participated. This grew to 45 cities in 2017, 75 in 2018 and this year more than 85 cities around the world will take part. The Global Goals Jam is always organised during the weekend preceding the UN Climate Week.

Let's # design2030now!

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