Centre of Expertise Just City


In the Centre of Expertise Just City, we work with students, researchers, lecturers, residents, governments, social organisations, companies and knowledge institutions to create a liveable city for everyone. Our strength lies in successfully bringing these parties together. We stimulate innovative research, strengthen the collaboration between research, education and practice, and ensure the successful application of knowledge and innovations in practice.

What can we do for you?

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has deep roots in Amsterdam and strives to be a reflection of the city. It is therefore our ambition to contribute to the idea that the city belongs to everyone.

We cannot and do not want to do this alone, which is why we like to connect with people who share our ambition. Are you working on Just City as part of a company, social institution, government or knowledge institution? Then we’d like to connect you with our partners and networks to develop and share knowledge and set up new initiatives together. Examples include:

  • Knowledge sharing in the form of courses or study programmes;
  • Setting up research projects, living labs, events and communities of practice;
  • Designing interventions and/or measuring their impact;
  • We are also happy to work together on putting Just City higher on the regional and international agenda.

Would you like more information or do you have questions about this?

The Centre of Expertise Just City is the platform where you can get in touch with students, lecturers, researchers and partners working on an equitable city. We are always open to questions, comments and ideas.

Published by  Just City 15 November 2023