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Partners & Networks

In het Centre of Expertise Rechtvaardige Stad werken we samen met verschillende partners en netwerken in de stad.

Alliantie Nationaal Programma Nieuw-West

The Nationaal Programma Samen Nieuw-West

is a collaboration between government, (social) organisations and residents in and involved with the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district. Along with more than 65 partners, we will be building the future of the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district over the next 20 years.

All the parties helping to build a better future for Amsterdam Nieuw-West are collectively called the alliance. The alliance currently consists of more than 65 parties, including: residents' organisations, housing corporations, the police, the Public Prosecution Service, welfare organisations, business associations, school groups, the national government and the municipality. This number is growing because any party that is willing and able to contribute is welcome to join.

We are working on developing a rich learning environment to support this special way of building the neighbourhood with action-oriented research and assessment and equitable ways of measuring impact together. Our ambition is to align as an alliance partner in order to link our activities in the neighbourhoods even better to the Samen Nieuw-West Programme in 2024.

Amsterdam Donut Coalition

In her book Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth discusses the notion that we should no longer see the economy as an abstract concept that is separate from nature, people and the planet. On the contrary, it is closely connected to all three.

The Amsterdam Donut Coalition is an open network of people who are enthusiastic about the donut economy and work together to put it into practice. Amsterdam has embraced 'the donut' and endorses the coalition's goal: a region with a fair, social foundation for everyone, within safe ecological limits.

We are partners because the donut points the way to an equitable, social economy that serves the well-being of people and the planet. In short: it’s about flourishing instead of growth.

Amsterdam Smart City

Amsterdam Smart City is an open innovation platform that brings together innovation professionals from governments, companies, knowledge institutions and social organisations to shape the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) of the future. We are a partner because the network has the ambition to shape these major urban transitions in an equitable, just way. Together with other Centres of Expertise, we are an active partner in the network. We take care of matching student projects and thesis questions with partners in the network. Together, we set up research projects and share knowledge with the network through workshops and tools. We also supervise an interdisciplinary graduation lab where students work on a transition assignment for Amsterdam Smart City’s network.

Community of Practice Rechtvaardige Stad (Just City)

More and more parties, including knowledge institutions, residents, governments and designers, are concerned about how equitable the city is. But what exactly does equity mean? Is it important to form a shared perspective on this? And how do you apply the concept of equity in design and planning practice?

The Community of Practice (CoP) Rechtvaardige Stad was founded on the basis of these questions. Together with the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Utrecht, Utrecht University and Trancity, our Centre of Expertise plays a central role in the organisation of this CoP. We gather four times a year to discuss cases relating to the theme of equity and fairness and to share and develop knowledge. We present the results once a year during a broad meeting.


ENERGIE LAB ZUIDOOST (ENERGY LAB SOUTHEAST) wants to use scientific expertise to contribute to the social energy transition in the Amsterdam Zuidoost district. They develop and test innovations by experimenting with different parties in 'Living Labs'. They do this together with the business community, residents, government and science. We are a partner in the Energy Lab and the equitable energy transition learning pathway. JUST PREPARE is one of the projects that resulted from this. This project focuses on shaping an effective and equitable energy transition in vulnerable neighbourhoods.

European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)

We are a partner in the international network of Living Labs (European Network of Living Labs). Here we share knowledge and experience relating to developing and making learning and innovation more sustainable in Living Labs. Much of our research and learning takes place in Living Labs. We believe it is important to share knowledge about working and learning in living labs internationally and thus continuously improve our research and education in living labs.

Living Lab Bajeskwartier

In Amsterdam’s Bajeskwartier district, we’re working with Urban Vitality, AM wonen and local organisations to conduct research into how this neighbourhood can develop into the healthiest neighbourhood in Europe. Can the neighbourhood’s design ensure that people there age healthily? And is it available for everyone? What is actually required to have a healthy neighbourhood, in terms of meeting places/socialisation, sports, space and participation? We want to know how to shape these ambitions in places in an equitable way.


The Ma.ak020 Social Agreement is intended for all parties and individuals who actively play a role in the development of the city. It focuses on all developments in the public domain, based on the questions: Who is the city for? Who is responsible for it? How do we organise it? Together with 020, we want to ensure that we develop and use knowledge in shaping this new public civil collaboration.

Ombudsman for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Ombudsman for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (OMA) monitors how the Municipality behaves towards residents and entrepreneurs. We are a collaboration partner of the fourth-year Rechtvaardige Stad study programme, in which Public Administration students work with OMA to research the accessibility of the Municipality of Amsterdam in 2023. You can read more about this collaboration here. The students use their research to contribute to the identification of equitable and inequitable practices in the interaction between the government and citizens and to possible solutions.

Published by  Just City 15 November 2023