Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries

For students

Get the most out of your studies!

Are you a student in one of the fields of Digital Media & Creative Industry? If so, the knowledge center of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry (FDMCI) offers the possibility for you to go deeper into your subject while building up your network – which can both translate to immediate payoffs after graduation.

What are the possibilities?


At the Digital Society School (DSS), a community of developers, researchers, designers and students work together to integrate today's technologies into society and share the acquired knowledge with the rest of the world. Read more or visit the website of the DSS.

Minor programme

You can follow a minor in the third or fourth year of your studies. You may choose one that relates to your own interests, such as fashion, intelligent environments or crossmedia.


Are you graduating? Depending on your study, you have the opportunity to undertake graduation research with one of our research groups or labs – which will provide expertise and ensure that your thesis topic is relevant.

Do you have any general questions about the knowledge centre? Make contact with Joyce Overklift Vaupel Kleyn, communication advisor.

3 March 2021