Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries

For teachers

Access to current knowledge and think about research

Education and research are closely linked to the university of applied sciences Amsterdam and the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry. As a teacher you can contribute to and make use of the research within the domain in several ways.

What can you do?

Access to current knowledge

Are you looking for inspiration? The research groups and labs have a great deal of knowledge. They are aware of current literature and develop handy, practical tools and methods. View the pages of the professorships, or contact a professorship for more information.


In the position of lecturer-researcher you are employed by a research group. You will be included in the knowledge circle of a lecturer, researchers and lecturer-researchers. Are you interested in this combination function? Discuss it with your supervisor and contact one of the professorships to discuss the options. They can check whether the (financial) space is available.

Think along about the research

Research questions from the knowledge center are formulated in collaboration with the business community and education. In this way, we ensure that education and the professional field continue to connect. Lectorates also organize minors in education.


Do you have the ambition to obtain a doctorate? Then you can submit a proposal for this to the Doctorate Committee. In the first instance, you need written statements of support from a supervisor, your supervisor and one of the lecturers. There are also opportunities for a preparatory year, also known as pre-promotion. Read all conditions in the document Promotions at domain DMCI and the HvA's Doctoral Regulations


Do you have a general question about the knowledge center? Please contact Wouter Groot, Head of Operations Research FDMCI.

28 March 2022