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Makers lab reservations

Privacy Statement of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences makers lab reservations FDMCI

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) respects your privacy and will handle your personal data with care, acting in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). AUAS has set out in this Privacy Statement how your personal data will be used and what your rights are.

Contact details of the controller
Makers Lab Reservations FDMCI is part of Stichting Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Stichting Hogeschool van Amsterdam is the controller for the purposes of processing the personal data and special personal data of employees and students, connected to the Stichting Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Contact details

Stichting Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Wibautstraat 3b
1091 GB Amsterdam
(Postbus 1025, 1000 BA Amsterdam)

Data protection officer
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has appointed a data protection officer, who ensures that personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable regulations. The data protection officer is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

The data protection officer can be reached at: functionarisgegevensbescherming@hva.nl

Types of personal data
The following personal data may be processed by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences:

- First name, last name
- AUAS e-mail address
- (Optional) – Private phone number

Purposes of processing
Your name and e-mail address are being processed to facilitate making a reservation at Makers Lab Reservations FDMCI. Your private phone number, when actively supplied by the data subject, can be used in case of system failures, delayed students or other calamities.

Personal data will only be used for the purposes specified above.

Bases for processing
The AUAS processes your name and e-mailadres on the basis of legitimate interest. Your private phone number is processed based on consent.

AUAS will only process personal data for the purposes for which it has been obtained.

Recipients of personal data
AUAS may instruct other organisations to process personal data on its behalf. In this case, a data processing agreement will be concluded which will contain provisions to protect your privacy rights. The AUAS passes your personal data on to Supersaas, for planning purposes. The Supersaas Privacy Policy is applicable on this matter of processing, where it should be noted that the AUAS is a paying customer and is not using a free account.

Retention periods
Careful handling of personal data also includes AUAS not retaining this data for longer than is necessary. AUAS observes the relevant statutory obligations and, if the rules are not set down in law, will abide by the 'Universities of Applied Sciences Selection List' of the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences.

  • A user account will be deleted after 12 months of inactivity
  • Made reservations are deleted after 6 months

Your rights in relation to the processing of your personal data
As the owner of your personal data (the 'data subject'), you have the following rights under the GDPR. If you would like to receive further information on this, please submit a request via juridischezaken@hva.nl:

  • The right to access your personal data
  • The right to correct incorrect data (rectification)
  • The right to be forgotten (erasure of personal data)
  • The right to object to processing:
  • The right to restrict processing:
  • The right to data portability:


If you believe that AUAS has failed to observe privacy regulations and/or its privacy policy correctly, you can submit a complaint to the data protection officer. You can also do this if you are not satisfied with how your request or objection has been handled. Please submit your complaint by email to: functionarisgegevensbescherming@hva.nl

You can also submit a complaint to the Dutch DPA via its website.

14 December 2021