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This open workshop is the ideal place for students and employees of AUAS to give your ideas concrete shape using materials such as wood, plastic, metal and different textiles. You can also create intensely coloured prints with the RISO printer, or create full-colour prints on nearly any material with the UV printer. Otherwise, the digital Makerslab also has 3D printers, laser cutters, a foam cutter and a sticker cutter. The Makerslab's analogue tools include a drill press, band saw, sander and many hand tools.

Working method

The Makerslab is not a place to have things made but where to make them yourself. The Makerslab is a DIY (do it yourself) making space. There are always instructors present who can teach you how to work safely with the tools and equipment. Then it's all up to you to get to work independently. Using the Makerslab is free of charge. Bring along your own materials or get some advice about various options and sales outlets. However, for some equipment, you will not be able to purchase the material yourself, so the Makerslab supplies these. See ‘Materials and costs’ for each piece of equipment.

Getting started

Would you like to get to work in the Makerslab or take a look around? Then drop by the Theo Thijssen building, room 00B20. You can reserve a place for the lasers, the UV printer and the RISO printer via the online reservation system. Create an account with your HvA email address (not your HvA-ID). For the other equipment just drop by. The instructors are ready to show you around or guide you in the use of the equipment.

Opening hours

Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. This is a trial period until 29 May.

Makerslab closed 23-24

Good Friday

29 March 2024


1 April 2024

Ascension Day

9 and 10 May 2024


20 May 2024

May recess

29 April up to 3 May 2024

Summer recess

8 July up to 30 August 2024