Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty on Digital Media & Creative Industries


Teacher researchers are connectors between education and practice-based research

29 Nov 2021 00:00

On Tuesday, November 23, the visitation of the Centre for Applied Research of the Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industry (FDMCI) took place. It was an important day to look back with satisfaction on how the Centre of Applied Research FDMCI has presented a picture of the developments of recent years and the current state of affairs with various interlocutors and collected material.

The committee, led by chairman Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Cramer and secretary Annemarie Venemans, was very appreciative of the hospitality and open nature of all the speakers. Cramer is a strategic advisor at the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) and professor of sustainable innovation at Utrecht University. The other committee members were Kristina Andersen (Eindhoven University of Technology) and Marina Otero Verzier (Director of research at Het Nieuwe Instituut, head of the master program Social Design Academy Eindhoven and also an architect).

Passing the exam

The committee expressed high praise for our research, output, lectors and researchers and improvements in the connection with education. They were positive about the program and the talks, especially about the lecturer-researchers who were called the 'glue' in the faculty. The committee also noticed that both internal and external partners were particularly positive about the collaboration. 'We are doing very relevant research for the future of our society,' stated chair Jacqueline Cramer when giving feedback at the end of the visitation day. 'All the professorships are doing a wonderful job and you passed the exam'. However, this was followed by a number of critical comments and questions, which give us 'Food for Thought' for the time ahead.

Many thanks to all employees of the knowledge center and everyone who contributed to this day and its preparation. We expect the evaluation report within four weeks. A detailed feedback will follow.