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AUAS launches Hipper Therapeutics BV

A new startup for digital support in geriatric rehabilitation

6 May 2020 00:00

The startup Hipper Therapeutics BV of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam focuses on the development and operation of a digital Hipper service to support care providers and clients in ambulatory rehabilitation of the elderly. Hipper consists of a system that can measure the physical activities of the elderly remotely (in the living environment), a dashboard that visualizes this information and a protocol and training for the professionals (occupational and physiotherapists). The company was founded by Dr. Margriet Pol of the Faculty of Health, Prof. Ben Kröse and Dr. Michel Oey of the Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry, together with HvA Ventures holding and the AMC Ventures holding.

The market for geriatric rehabilitation will grow enormously in the coming years, in particular the number of elderly people who will rehabilitate in their own home (ambulatory rehabilitation). Geriatric rehabilitation is short-term, recovery-oriented care for vulnerable patients who have to undergo rehabilitation treatment after hospitalization.

In recent years, the Hipperdienst has been developed and studied in a number of research projects at HvA and AMC, after healthcare professionals expressed concerns about measuring progress during rehabilitation from a distance.

Hipper gives therapists the opportunity to obtain continuous (24h / day, 7 days / wk) objective information about their clients' physical activities. Clients can also log in to Hipper and see their progress. In many cases, the latter promotes motivation.

Hipper is currently deployed at a number of geriatric rehabilitation centers, for rehabilitation after hip fracture and for the elderly with COPD. A recent development is the use of Hipper for the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients.

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