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First Virtual Residence on the subject of Virtual Fashion

at the Fashion Research & Technology group

8 Oct 2020 16:37

Troy Nachtigall, professor of the Fashion Research & Technology group, is very happy to announce that the first “Virtual Residency”  has been filled in recently. The new artist/designer/researcher in residence, Lili Eva Bartha, will start on 19 October. 

Virtual Fashion for a Virtual Time

Amsterdam is a world leader in virtual fashion. In order to remain in this position a worldwide call was launched to find a resident to create a show stopping piece . The call was established by Troy Nachtigall who started himself in April 2020 as the professor of the Fashion Research & Technology group . “I was really excited that Lili Eva Bartha found us. She has bachelors and masters in both arts ànd sciences. What we do very well at the AUAS is create people well rounded in arts and sciences, capable of working with science and art at the same time. Lili embodies this perspective and will inspire us to go even further.”

The theme of the residency is “Virtual Fashion for a Virtual Time". The virtual residency is running from 19 October 2020 to mid-January 2021.

Inspiration from the outside world

This is the first time that we have an artist/designer/researcher in residence at the research group Fashion & Technology. Nachtigall: “An artist, designer or researcher in residence will really inspire us with what is going on in other parts of the world; the new ways of doing things. I really hope to continue with these residences and to challenge our idea what a professional is in the field of fashion. Our goal is to find people who show us different ways of Fashion. The Residency allowsus to give these people the freedom to keep developing who they are and their ideas that discover new novelty. We hope to continue these into the future so we have these people with us at the faculty.”

Lili Eva Bartha

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