Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Nicolaes Tulp building (NTH)

Regular opening hours building and reception desk 

Monday until Wednesday

6:30 - 19:30


6:30 - 21:00


6:30 - 19:00

Opening hours February holiday 2020

Regular opening hours apply.

Building accessibility

The main entrance to the Nicolaes Tulp building features wheelchair access. For more information, see Accessibility of AUAS buildings.

Parking spaces for wheelchair users

Various parking spaces are reserved for wheelchair users in the vicinity of the Nicolaes Tulp building. For more information, see Parking.

Route inside building

Find route inside Nicolaes Tulp building

Published by  Facility Services
 Nicolaes Tulp building (NTH)
Tafelbergweg 51
1105 BD Amsterdam
020 595 4111