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Information for suppliers

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) wishes to pay invoices accurately and within the statutory payment term. It is therefore important that each invoice contains all the necessary information. Below is an overview of how invoices can be submitted to us and the requirements these invoices must meet so that we can process and pay them immediately.

We would like to receive invoices electronically. These electronic invoices can be submitted in a number of ways. The most suitable submission method depends on details such as the accounting program used. A good starting point is to determine whether the accounting program can send so-called e-invoice messages in XML format (many programs offer this feature). Ask the supplier of the accounting program about the options.

If the accounting program has a link to Peppol, or if the supplier is linked to Peppol via a package-independent provider (such as Storecove), electronic invoices can be sent via the Peppol network. Visit the Peppol website for an overview of providers that can arrange the connection to this network.

Sending invoices via Storecove and Peppol

Use the following details when submitting electronic invoices to the AUAS.


VAT number

Chamber of Commerce registration number

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences



Please note: In order for invoices to be processed in a timely manner, we request that the following information be included on each invoice. These details can be requested from the client or contact person within AUAS.

  • A reference number;
    • an AUAS cost centre, or
    • an AUAS WBS element, or
    • an AUAS order number.
  • The name of the contact person: this is usually the AUAS employee who places the order or authorises the job.

The invoice must always meet the relevant statutory requirements. An overview of these requirements can be found on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The invoice requirements apply to electronic invoices and invoices sent by email or by post.

The AUAS is obliged to keep records because of the Regulation on Amounts Paid to Third Parties (UBD). This means that if you are living in the Netherlands, you are self-employed (zzp'er) and you do not charge VAT on the invoice, AUAS must pass on the payment to the tax authorities. For example, if you use the small business scheme (KOR) or a VAT exemption. AUAS must also pass on your citizen service number (BSN) and date of birth to the tax authorities. You should therefore also state these details on the invoice, to enable AUAS to proceed with payment.

If you have not yet switched to electronic invoicing, invoices can currently be submitted in two ways.

  • By email: email the invoice as a PDF attachment to
  • By post: send the hard-copy invoice to:
    Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
    attn: Accounts Payable Department
    PO Box 516
    1000 AM Amsterdam

Please note: this address is for invoices only, not for the delivery of products.

Administration Centre Service Desk

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Published by  Administration Centre 12 January 2024