Purchase conditions

The rights and obligations of the client (UvA/AUAS) and the supplier are described in the General Purchasing Terms and Conditions of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Tactical and Strategic Procurement

When a faculty of unit wants to purchase something, it must first find out whether a preferred supplier has already been contracted by the AUAS to supply the product or service or to perform the work in question.

If the product, service or work cannot be ordered from contracted suppliers, the tactical procurement process of specification, selection and contracting begins. Table 1 below shows which procurement procedure applies based on the amount of money involved.





Single-party direct invitation

< €50,000

< €50,000

< €250,000

Multi-party direct invitation

> €50,000 and

< €214,000*

> €50,000 and

< €214,000*

> €250,000 and

< €2,500,000

National open or restricted procedure



> €2,500,000 and

< €5,350,000*

European open or restricted procedure

> €214,000*

> €214,000*

> €5,350,000*

* Amounts stated are valid until 31 December 2021 and are reviewed biannually by the European Commission. The Purchasing Department can provide you with the most up-to-date amounts.

Operational procurement

Operational procurement is a decentralised process in which AUAS staff can place an order or make a request for an order. The relevant authorised signatory must approve the use of funds. Next, the Purchasing Department converts the request into an order and sends it to the supplier.

All orders placed by the AUAS must include clear name and address details as well as an order number. This process ensures the professional and efficient recording and routing of orders and invoices.

7 May 2020