A.M. Carita (Andreia)

Work address:
Fraijlemaborg, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 524,1000 AM Amsterdam
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Andreia is a lecturer in Business Portuguese (native-speaking), intercultural communication and cross-cultural management, working at the the International Business School (HvA) since 2006.

She holds a BA in "English teaching" from the University Aveiro in Portugal, with an exchange program at the University of York. She performed her master at the University of Utrecht on "Translation Portuguese and Dutch Language and Culture", in 2006. During this period, she set up her own company "TudoBem.nl" where she provided workshops, courses and translational work for companies and private clients. Meanwhile she has lectured at language schools across the Netherlands.

Because of her international background and interest in other cultures, she developed an interest and cross-cultural awareness (CCA) and management (CCM). Currently, Andreia is a lecturer CCA and CCM in year 1-4, and provides workshops for staff on intercultural competences. She has been involved in many summer schools, conferences and courses, and has developed a large network of collaborating with colleagues across Europe. Her practical research focused on hybrid cultural identities and intercultural intelligence.

Andreia also successfully supervises students during their internship in international companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

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