H.J. Choi (Jaz)

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Theo Thijssenhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4 1091 GM Amsterdam
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Postbus 2717,1000 CS Amsterdam
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Civic Interaction Design
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Jaz Hee-jeong Choi is an Associate Professor in Civic Interaction Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Their transdisciplinary research and practice situate ‘care’ at the core of transformational encounters in different settings ranging from cities as complex cyberphysical networks to forests as moving creatures. They build on this to explore how radical transformation can materialise care-fully through creative-critical engagements.

Jaz’s work is often experimental, multisensory, playful, and participatory, and starts from the margins to understand and create just futures. Their current research, practice, and engagement focus on the dynamics of creative practice as feral care: they explore 1) its potential to arouse societal transformation in different cultural and more-than-human contexts, and 2) experimental and co-creative ways to form relational spaces to make sense of indeterminacy, plurality, and entanglements towards change.

Prior to joining Civic Interaction Design, Jaz was the Director of the Care-full Design Lab at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia, and co-led the EU Horizon 2020 project Creative Practices for Transformational Futures (CreaTures). They also directed the Urban Informatics Lab at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and founded FoodCHI (Food-Computer-Human-Interaction) as a SIGCHI Network and a field of research. They have published widely across disciplines, and given keynote presentations, and showcased creative works at international events including the UNESCO Creative Cities, Global Social Economy Forum, Vienna Biennale, Venice Architecture Biennale, and Helsinki Design Week.

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