S.R. Daas (Sanne) MSc

Researcher Dept. Higher Education, Research and Innovation
Work address:
Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b, 1091 GH Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2171,1000 CD Amsterdam
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Sanne Daas has been working as a researcher for the university-wide research group Higher Education, Research and Innovation (HERI) since September 2018. In her research, she focuses on the structure and culture within higher education institutions that encourage the link between research, teaching and professional practice. She is also involved in the research group’s internal and external communication and Research Data Management (RDM).

In 2016, Sanne completed the Bachelor’s degree in Media, Information and Communication (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) and in 2018 she completed a Master’s degree in Policy, Communication and Organisation (VU Amsterdam).

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