mw.  Alima Buganova (Alima)

From Narxoz University Kazakhstan| studying at AUAS Faculty of Business and Economics

Hello everyone,

My name is Alima Buganova and I am an exchange student from Kazakhstan. I am really keen to study at AUAS as I have always been interested in studying abroad because it helps to expand horizons and develop in a comprehensive way.

I have many fields of interests: skating, composing verses, travelling, learning foreign languages and dancing. All these hobbies bring me great pleasure and spiritual enrichment.

I'm also excited to engage in extracurricular work and sports. I attend various training sessions, master classes, I enjoy communicating with my friends at university and participating in youth activities. I especially like sport events with exciting competitions.

As Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences provides a lot of opportunities and great chances for international students, I chose it for my study. Besides, I was absolutely inspired by really exciting stories of people who study at AUAS.

Making a choice to study in Amsterdam was also because of its amazing architecture and rich cultural heritage. One glance at Amsterdam was enough for me to fell in love with this city. This amazing town fascinated me by its breathtaking views, numerous exciting museums, beautiful canals and narrow cozy streets with many shops.

I believe that in AUAS I will get an inestimable experience that will make my cherished dreams come true.