Ms  M.A. Geboers (Marloes)

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Benno Premselahuis, Rhijnspoorplein 1, 1091 GC Amsterdam
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Marloes (MSc) is lecturer/researcher at the Visual Methodologies collective of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She develops novel visual methods using web and social media data in order to track the circulation of images and how they are given meaning to by networked publics. I use for example metadata of posts - likes, clicks, hashtags - to study image circulationa and resonance.


I conduct research that aims to assess how images circulate social platforms and how platform functionalities and users influence circulation and the visibility of images? My dissertation takes the Syrian War as a case study, but the methods I develop can be applied to a variety of issues.


The social urgency of visibility lies in the architecture of social media platforms, which have a positivity-bias (Wahl-Jorgensen, 2019; Baker, 1995) that influences the visibility of images of war. My journalistic background inspires me to investigate this further.

Current research projects

Marloes is currently working on her dissertation entitled (provisional) 'Posts, buttons, hashtags: Examining social media visuality & affective affordances' in collaboration with the research group Visual Methodologies and the Digital Methods Initiative of the University of Amsterdam.

Current educational activities

Marloes' current educational activities include developing courses and teaching students of Creative Business (CB, Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industry) and the Master Digital Driven Business (AUAS). Furthermore, Marloes coaches graduate students within CB. Data-driven storytelling acts as a red thread throughout my educational activities.


Marloes graduated in 2005 from the Radboud University in Nijmegen in political science (title master thesis: Trusteeship and the concept of sovereignty; three political-theoretical approaches). In 2003 Marloes obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism (Fontys Hogescholen, Tilburg).

Previous activities

From 2002 to 2007 Marloes worked as a freelance journalist for various magazines, amongst others are the Dutch Association for the United Nations, and she worked as editor-in-chief for Sanoma Publishers.

After completing her PhD, Marloes aims to connect research and education even better. Keywords are: extending research-skills of students and the knowledge institution that is AUAS, all the while emphasizing data-literacy and novel image research methods.

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