M.J. Hofmijster (Mathijs)

Professor by special appointment of Optimising Sports Performance
Work address:
Dr. Meurerhuis, Dokter Meurerlaan 8, 1067 SM Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2165,1000 CD Amsterdam
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Mathijs Hofmijster graduated from VU Amsterdam with a degree in Human Movement Sciences in 2004. In 2006 he joined VU as a postdoc, with a secondment one day a week to the Dutch Rowing Federation (Koninklijke Nederlandse Roeibond; KNRB) as an 'embedded scientist'. In 2009 he completed his doctorate on the mechanics and energetics of rowing. Remaining at VU Amsterdam, Mathijs subsequently worked on a project for InnoSport* until 2012 to develop sensor technologies for rowing. Currently he holds an appointment as university lecturer at VU three days a week.

As professor by special appointment of Optimising Sports Performance, Mathijs is collaborating with other institutes on three research projects. He is the lead applicant and project leader of the 'Smartview through glass' study, as well as co-author of the studies ‘Optimisation of training strategies’ (Optimalisatie van trainingsstrategieën) and ‘Optimisation of propulsion through and over water’ (Optimalisatie van voortstuwing door en over water).

Mathijs has been rowing since the age of ten, followed by a career in coaching. He is a huge cyclic endurance sports enthusiast and also has a major drive to link sports practice with science.

*InnoSport links business, sports and knowledge institutions to engineer sports innovations for the advancement of Olympic performance.

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