Mr  M.S.J.M. Jonker (Michel)

Work address:
Dr. Meurerhuis, Dokter Meurerlaan 8, 1067 SM Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2165,1000 CD Amsterdam
Room number:
Sport management, communication, coaching, leadership

Michel Jonker works as a coach and lecturer at Sportkunde - leerroute SM&O and Sport Studies - track ISMB. He teaches management skills, supervises 2nd-year Honours students, gives group coaching to first- and second-year students and is a member of the examination committee.

Before joining the AUAS, Michel worked as a communication trainer and coach, gym teacher and tennis instructor. He travelled a lot around the world and taught at a Chinese university.

Michel followed various courses in the field of personal leadership and coaching such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA), Systemic Work and Voice Dialogue. In 1988 he graduated from the Academy for Physical Education (ALO) in Amsterdam.