A. Kamani (Alizia) MSc.

Communications Advisor
Work address:
Fraijlemaborg, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam
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Postbus 19123,1000 GC Amsterdam
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"Dogmatists have one advantage: they are poor listeners." - Frans de Waal

Alizia Kamani was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to a refugee family from Uganda. With migration in her blood, Alizia moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2008 to pursue higher education. She describes this city as an outdoor museum, and at times she feels like she is taking a walk through the golden age.

Alizia joined the Amsterdam School of International Business as a Communications Advisor in June 2016. In cooperation with the students, lecturers, staff and management of AMSIB, Alizia works to improve internal and external communications.

Business profile

Alizia has many years of experience in higher education, in Canada, the Netherlands, in private and in public education. As a communications professional, Alizia has also worked for many years in the non-profit sector and private sector, and always in a highly international workplace. Her expertise is in internal communications and brand identity, where she concentrates on linking brand image to identity and vise versa.

Before joining the Amsterdam School of International Business, Alizia worked for Wetlands International as a corporate communications advisor, streamlining communications strategy in over 17 offices worldwide. Her experience has shown her that listening to and investing in your staff is the basis for internal and external brand success - customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

Alizia has a MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a BA in Communications from Simon Fraser University, Canada.