Drs. L. Kerstens (Lucy)

Manager CET/ Manager Research Development Center FBE
Work address:
Wibauthuis, Wibautstraat 3b, 1091 GH Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 814,1000 AV Amsterdam
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Lucy Kerstens has been working at CAREM since September 2010: as a Coordinator firstly, as Research manager since February of 2013. She leads the CAREM research centre and is responsible for the all-over business operations, the research strategy and integrity, policy implementation, project quality assurance, communications and publications by the centre. Lucy has almost 20 years of experience in higher education and she collaborates closely with professors and researchers to help them excel in their research projects. As member of the faculty management team, she is the representative for the AUAS strategic programme ‘research in education’. She is also responsible for the strategic professionalization courses for lecturers.

Lucy was closely involved in setting up the AUAS collaboration with Northumbria University in 2018, and is currently the Research Lead for the AUAS in this collaboration. After obtaining her Master degree in Geology at the University of Amsterdam, she successfully completed the communications management programme (SRM-C) and has many years of experience in various positions in the field of communications. She also worked a year at the Centre for Intercultural Training at Farnham Castle, UK.

As of September 2019, she has enrolled in the accredited European Certificate programme for Research Management offered by EARMA (European Association in Research Management and Administration).

Lucy is EARMA Travel Grant Awardee 2019 for the INORMS 2020 conference

Lucy has been accepted to take part in the EARMA External Relations Committee for a 2-year term from 1 September 2020 up until 31st August 2022.

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