Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dr. J. Kluck (Jeroen)

Jeroen Kluck has been professor of Water in and around the City since 2008. He studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He obtained his doctorate from the same university in 1997 with a thesis on currents and sedimentation in settlement basins.

Jeroen has been working at the Tauw consultancy firm since 1996, combining research and consultancy work. For the first ten years, he was regularly confronted with Kluck's formula for estimating the sedimentation in a settlement basin. However, he gradually became more and more interested in the bigger systems, the entire water chains and rainwater drainage systems.

Jeroen has helped to develop a whole range of models that aim to provide a better understanding of the performance of rainwater systems and water chains. He has advised water boards and large and small municipalities on sewerage, urban water management and energy in the water chain.