R.H. Leighton (Rose) MSc

PhD student Dept. Higher Education, Research and Innovation
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Benno Premselahuis, Rhijnspoorplein 1, 1091 GC Amsterdam
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Postbus 34,1000 AA Amsterdam
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Rose Leighton has been working as a lecturer on the Creative Business (Media, Information & Communication) degree programme since 2004. With her background in trade publishing, she introduces students to the publishing industry in the International Publishing minor. She also teaches Writing, Editorial Skills and Social Media Research, and coaches students as an academic counsellor and during work placements and graduation projects. In addition to her work as a lecturer, Rose is also working on her doctoral research within the research group Higher Education, Research and Innovation (HERI). In her doctoral research, she focusses on ways in which lecturers in higher professional education select, structure and present (digital) educational materials.

Rose has completed the Bachelor’s degree in Publishing Studies (2001, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences), Teacher Training for Dutch Language Teaching (2006, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences) and the Master’s degree Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (2011, VU Amsterdam).

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