G.W. Lovink (Geert)

Professor Network Cultures
Work address:
Benno Premselahuis, Rhijnspoorplein 1, 1091 GC Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 40,1000 AA Amsterdam
Room number:
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Geert Lovink is a media theoretician and internet critic. His research group was renamed the Institute of Network Cultures (www.networkcultures.org) in mid-2004, and it conducts research into online video, social media, search engines, business models and the creative industry.

Lovink was appointed in two roles simultaneously in 2004: professor of the Interactive Media Bachelor programme (now Communication and Multimedia Design) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; and associate professor at the University of Amsterdam, Media Studies (which he held until 1 September 2013).

Lovink is also professor of Media Theory at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee (Switzerland) and is affiliated to the Centre for Digital Culture at the Leuphana-Universitt in Luneburg (Germany). His recent books are Zero Comments (2007) and Networks Without a Cause (2012), both published in English, German and Italian.

Lovink obtained his PhD at the University of Melbourne and he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Queensland.

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