A.M. Olthof (Anne Marleen)

Lecturer - Researcher
Work address:
Theo Thijssenhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4 1091 GM Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2721,1000 CS Amsterdam
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Ir. Anne Marleen Olthof is PhD-researcher Human Enhancement for Health & Well-being at the University of Amsterdam - under supervision of Prof. dr. Somaya Ben Allouch - and at the University of Antwerp - under supervision of Prof. dr. Jouke Verlinden. In her PhD-project, Anne Marleen explores how digital-physical products can enhance the human body to improve the quality of life for people with progressive or permanent disabilities.


Anne Marleen grew up and around wheelchairs and support systems, having a father who suffered from neuromuscular dystrophy. From a very young age, she experienced the power of technology, as many support products were employed at home. The quality of these assistive devices determined the quality of life for her family in a very straightforward way. Anne Marleen intuitively developed an interest in human-machine interaction and studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology to find out how she could be part of the magic team that realises the full potential of technology. Her PhD-project is a continuation of this journey.

Teaching endeavours

Together with colleagues, Anne Marleen co-founded an XR-lab in 2016 at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where she has been teaching Immersive Design XR to interdisciplinary teams of students. Over the years, these teams have delivered 55+ prototypes virtual, augmented & mixed reality for a variety of 40+ clients. Anne Marleen is an all-round design lecturer (10+ years experience) at the Amsterdam School for Communication and Multimedia Design. She is visiting lecturer ‘Designing for Mixed Reality & eXtended Reality’ at the Fachhochschule Kufstein in Austria and at AP Hogeschool Antwerpen, Belgium.

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