Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Ir. I.F. Oskam (Inge)

Inge has been affiliated with the AUAS as professor of Circular Design & Business, formerly Technical Innovation & Entrepreneurship, since 2007. Inge specialises in applied research at the interface between design, technology and business, focusing on practical solutions for a circular city. She leads research into the possibilities for reusing waste materials in circular products and closing urban material cycles on a local basis. The research focuses not only on practical applications, but also on the circular business models and partnerships that are required. Developing tools and methods forms an integral part of this process.

Inge spent eight years working at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) as a project manager for innovation projects relating to systems for food production, medical technology and sustainable system innovations, specialising in method development for product innovation and strategic advice to companies. She then worked as a management consultant for ten years, helping industrial companies and technically-oriented organisations develop their vision and strategy and to develop and implement tools and methods for innovation management.

Inge studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology and has taken various R&D and change management programmes. She is currently conducting her doctoral research at VU University Amsterdam into business models and networks for the development and adoption of sustainable innovations for the transition to a circular economy.