Mr  L. Schoenmakers (Luuk)

Work address:
Dr. Meurerhuis, Dokter Meurerlaan 8, 1067 SM Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2165,1000 CD Amsterdam
Room number:
Sport and Law, Sports Management, Entrepreneurship

Since 2013, Luuk Schoenmakers has been working for the bachelor's programme Sportkunde - leerroute SM&O as a lecturer of Sport and Law, Management and Organisation and Entrepreneurship. He is also coach and graduation supervisor. Before that Luuk worked for several years at Deloitte as a lawyer and in skiing.

In 2011 Luuk obtained a master's degree in Economics, in 2013 a master's degree in Law and in 2014 a master's degree in first grade teaching Management and Organisation, all three at the University of Amsterdam. He is a big fan of cycling, running, skiing and everything that has to do with sports.